Nintendo Wii - Great, but wait.

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People! Stop wasting your money!

Don't rush out and buy a Wii just because... Supply will meet demand sooner than you think. If that money is realy burning a hole in your pocket take a trip into your local town centre and reserve one from the next available stocks, Support the local retailers rather than feed the profits of the people who have contributed largely to the shortage.

Anybody who says it was an unwanted gift or they don't like it etc would sell it close to what they paid and if not they are quite honestly full of crap. This machine is fantastic and I haven't come across one person who doesn't like it yet. They are selling Wii's to profit and that is it. They are no better than the scum bag ticket touts that buy tickets for gigs then 20minutes later stick them on ebay.

I browse ebay and see people with photos showning 10 Wii's in stock and then check their history and see they have never sold a game related item before and honestly it makes me sick.

So one last time hear my plea! Don't make these people rich because all it does is create the same problem for the PS3, and the next console and the next one etc..

If you were not lucky enough to get a Wii on launch do some reading up! See what you realy need and get prepared for when you do purchase one from a legiitmate ebayer or from a reputable retailer. This way you will get to enjoy the Wii as it was meant to be enjoyed! Or you could purchase a Wii with Wii Sports for £300, then spend another £50 on Wii play and another £30 on a nunchuck and another £35 on the composite cable and your Wii has cost you £100 less than mine but without the 7 games and the Classic controller and 3000 VC points I've got with mine.

Reasons to wait:

* You work hard for your money.

* All these people have done is reserve multiple Wii's and then list them on ebay.

* Not many games between now and March anyway.

The Wii is great..But still you should wait.


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