NoChex payment system vs Paypal

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Hi...Since I have been in business on Ebay I have bought many items and sold many items. From the beginning I have used Paypal. Yes I have heard all the horror stories about PayPal. Yet I still took a chance not knowing what I know now and that is Paypal is now owned and operated as a sub company of Ebay as they bought out the previous owners, who were by all counts from what I have seen ... crooks. But since Ebay took over Paypal it has been run very professionally and very differently, and as a buyer using their services they stand behind you 100%. They don't just take your money and send it. If you are robbed you have a means of getting your money returned. These other companies out there do not give you that kind of protection. NoChex being the worst and most popular of them. If you send your hard earned money to a seller who fradualently accepts your money on the pretense that he/she is giving you a product in return and you do not receive that product, you have NO options with NoChex. They could care less about who or where your money is going, much less weather you are being robbed or not. Don't believe NoChex's answer to this question...

What if I send money for goods and I never get them?

Please make sure you trust the person you are sending money to, as successfull Nochex transactions cannot be cancelled by yourself.

As stated in our terms and conditions:

"Where you dispute a transaction between you and another party, NOCHEX will not enter into any payment disputed by you and any other person other than to confirm that the payment was made in accordance with the instructions you gave to us. We cannot arrange for money to be given back to you where you believe the payment was made incorrectly by you".

"We are not responsible for any goods or services paid for by you using the NOCHEX service".

You must understand that we cannot get involved with disputes betweeen buyers and sellers.

The exception to this is in connection with investigations by the legal authorities. In these instances, they can file a Data Protection Disclosure form with us. In these circumstances we are legally obliged to supply them with any information they demand.

If you ever believe someone has acted criminally (deception, fraud or other) then we recommend you report it to the police and ask for their advice. If they want to speak to us then let us know and we will do allwe can to co-operate.

Basically they leave the customer hanging out to dry. If you are going to do business on Ebay. I highly recommend that you do business with Paypal. Paypal ensures the businesses that use its services are honest and Paypal protects them as well as the buyer. It is a shame that there are so many ways out there for crooks to try to scam you and me with. Your bank would would cancel a fradulent payment and stand behind you just as Paypal does. It only makes sense that any company taking money over the internet have some safety measures set aside to protect the innocent from fradulent ativities as Paypal does. If you are a Seller doing business with Paypal or anyone else. It is your responsibility to get the item that your customer purchases from you to them. Not the other way around as it is you who make the shipping choices available for your customer. Only a fool or a irrisponsible dealer would hide behind a cloak and say that they are not responsible if the item they sent through the avenues that they made available was not received. It is the responsibility of every dealer to ensure that their customers get the products they pay for. On the occasion that things get lost as we are all human, responsible dealers will take care of their customers and not just say tough luck I still got your money.

I have written this because many people comment to me about Paypal and recommend NoChex to me. These same people have never used Paypal since being taken over by Ebay. From what I have experienced through paypal, the only way you can get robbed of your money is if you answer spam email asking for your login information and that kind of nonsense. Then you have to be a moron to do that as Paypal will never send you email asking for you to log in and do anything. Paypal is not a den of crooks as a lot believe and they do care about the buyers and sellers who use their services. I have been robbed of more then 50 pounds through NoChex and as I said they could care less. Paypal would have stood behind me. Thank you for reading this and I hope that it opens your eyes and that if you are going to do business on Ebay, you do business with Paypal.


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