Nokia E61/E62 Disassembly/Housing Change Instructions

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A short guide to changing the housing on a Nokia E61 phone. As usual with most Nokia full housings, the Torx T6 is required. This is a short and easy process which should not present much difficulty.

1) Power off the phone and remove the battery cover and battery.

2) The top cover at the back needs to be removed, this can be done by using a plastic shim or other implement and a bit of leverage. This is clipped in as opposed to slid on.

3) With the top cover off, the Torx screws holding the front cover are exposed in the corners. Using the screwdriver remove these, remembering to keep the screws safe as you will need them again later.

4) With the screws out, again using the shim and a bit of leverage, the front cover should come off too.

5) Fixing the new housing is a reverse of these steps. Take care with the positioning of the keypad when fitting back the front housing.
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