Nokia N96 Fakes Beware

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Nokia N96 - Fakes Alert

The release date for the Nokia N96 in Europe is the 31st of July – any NEW N96 listed before then is FAKE.


If you are reading this then you may just have saved yourself from paying £500 for a fake N96 which are being churned out in China for about $50!

If you want to look like you have the latest N96 then feel free to buy any of the fakes listed on eBay, the simple fact is that many of the sellers have bought a batch of these phones in good faith from a seller on Alibaba or similar and are unaware that they are selling a device which is about as real as the Tooth Fairy!

However if you want all the features of the N96 such as: DVB-H TV, GPS, 5MP Camera, 16GB Storage then you WILL have to wait until the launch date.

Seller Blacklist (confirmed fake N96 sellers):

  • b8group

Things to look out for:

  • 2MP Cameras – the N96 is 5MP
  • Storage less than 16GB – the N96 has a 16GB of internal memory – ignore any offering the storage on memory cards.
  • If it has a pull out aerial – the N96 does not have this!
  • Prototypes – probable a Beta version given to testers, this will have no warranty and may well lock up when the phone is released.
  • Boxes – Don’t be fooled by “real” looking boxes, PhotoShop can do wonders.
  • Gold trim – the N96 is silver
  • “Chinese Versions” – there is no such thing – Fake!
  • Sellers in the US/China – Nokia are a Finish company and make the bulk of their equipment in Europe, why would the US/China have them first?
  • Finally click the link below to see “Completed Listings” for the N96 – everyone of them is a fake - have a click round to see the feedback ratings of the sellers and the number which now say “Item Invalid”.

The bottom line is: A REAL N96 is not available to buy until the end of July. Don’t risk it!

Hope this helps!



Two sellers were recently challenged over the authenticity of their goods, below are the responses:

Dear phoenixsix,

hi i no these are fakes they are from china everyone that emails me im saying they are from china so there is no problem with this, if people want to buy fake copys then whats stopping them.
I have contacted ebay myself explaining my end of the story

- electricalproducts00000


Dear phoenixsix,

F**k off

- b8group

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