Nokia and its Advantages

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Buying an expensive phone and slowly starting to regret it!!!  One reason why change is NEVER good!!!!


Some say buying a phone is easy.  But when your wrapped up in technology and want every gadget imaginable it ain't.  I am one of those people.  Having had my Nokia 3510i ( yes I'm aware that it was a little on the large side ) for a good few months, I started to think how nice my life would be if only I had camera on the end of the thing!  When it finally came down to buying a replacement I became extremely picky, and was adamant that I could get a good-looking phone ( important ) at a reasonable price which - get this - had the space bar in the bottom middle of the keypad, which is standard layout for a Nokia phone.  Call me crazy but I don't like change!!  After a few minutes describing what I wanted to the extremely patient Orange phone trainer,  I backed down and bought a Samsung d500.  No offence to Samsung but I had people to text and calls to make ( as does everyone ) so the change in keys was much hated.  Why did I buy the phone in the first place if I knew it had a different keypad I hear you ask.  Well anyone who knows a girl with ASR ( Addictive Shopper Reflex ) will understand.  There wasn't even time to say Bob's you Uncle before the money was flung from my hand into the cashiers and the evidence in question was in a bright orange bag.  I had to have it.  No questions asked.  To cut a long story short I regret my purchase ( and have done ever since I took the first few pictures on the bus ride home ).  All the excitement was gone. Fizzed out.  So now when I think I want something, I mull it over, even if it takes me days or weeks.  NOW I can think!!!!!  I've been thinking about my new purchase for some time and have decided to go back to Nokia!! But it won't be too fancy - all I need is a camera, mp3 player, video player, good keypad, games.....

Moral of the story - Think WAY before you act, and always keep cash in the hands of a male.



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