Non Paying Bidders ~ Procedure

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Non Paying bidders are a fact of life, the best philosophy to adopt is keep your cool.

Remember their reason for non-payment could be genuine.
I had a guy from Germany earlier this year who I have sold to on several occassions and was bitterly disappointed to have his card marked as a non-paying bidder so I decided there must be a problem and I would wait several weeks just in case I was right. 6 weeks later he paid in full with a little extra for my troubles ~ He had been in hospital for 4 weeks and I know what you all must be thinking ~ oh yeh a likely story but I really do believe him and have sold to him since without any further problems.

Once you have learnt not to take it personnally and that it may be genuine, with a bit of luck, after the 8th day send him a reminder, I tend to send 2, give him another 2 -3 days (allow him/her 10 - 14 days to pay) if still no payment or email giving an explanation as to why they have not paid send another reminder advising that you will have no option other than to report him / her as a non-paying bidder which may result in an item strike and that if payment is not received you will leave  negative feedback, which you really do not want to do.

Still no response follow the Non Paying bidder procedure ~ Report a Non Paying Bidder ~ also look here, this gives a step by step guide on the procedure ~ Unpaid Item Dispute Procedure ~ If the NPB has not responded within 8 days make sure you close the dispute in order to claim your Final Value Fee Credit, this will automatically issue a strike against the offending bidder.

Maybe I am a softee but I now tend to email the bidder following the strike allowing him the opportunity to pay and informing him / her that I will remove the strike if they pay up within 48 hours and that if they do not I will also issue a negative feedback.

Remember that after the 8 days have lapsed he / she can still leave feedback but it will not count towards your score and eBay will add a note that they have not followed the Unpaid Item Procedure.

Follow this procedure and they cannot affect your feedback rating.

When leaving a negative do not get personal, just leave the facts such as ~ NON-PAYING BIDDER ~ NO RESPONSE TO (x number of) EMAILS ~ AVOID !

You really cannot be fairer than that and remember NPB'ers really are few and far between, so you get a few, it really is no big deal.
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