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I have not long been using ebay, now when anyone buys something in an auction and all terms and conditions have been given to them, and the seller states that if you bid you buy and you are entered into a legal and binding contract....well not in my case...i thought that once someone accepted all terms and then bid, the item was then legaly theres. a guy was the winning bidder on my item, he did not contact me and did not pay, i opened a dispute with him...nothing happened. in the real world people like this would be MADE TO PAY. what did ebay do to protect me and get the full monies owed.......NOTHING!!!!. they said they would refund my insertion fee....what about the money for the item....LOST!!!!.

So who looses out the seller, so does this put confidence in ebay to sell your items....NO. Ebay punish you regarding descriptions and wording....why do we do this, its to try and get rid of the idiots, to try and stop them bidding.

In my opinion ebay needs to safgaurd the sell a little more, they send you questionares out, why i do not know because they do not act on them.

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