Non paying bidders and what to do about them

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Over the last four months I have experienced a large increase in non paying bidders. I do not at this moment accept paypal, so some of them are genuine as they bid in haste and do not read down far enough to realise this. A lot of sellers only sell to people with a feedback of ten or more, I can understand this completely but I often find the newcomers are among the fastest payers. recently I have had to send out quite a few emails to non bidders to no avail. So from now on I will first email them, then send a payment reminder if I have not heard from them or recieved payment in four day's, as they may have sent out payment and it got lost in the post I will report them as a non paying bidder and evetually if I don't recieve payment I will leave them negative feedback. Some of them have telephone numbers included in order details so before reporting the as a non payer you could allways phone them and politely ask them why they have not payed yet.  I suppose there will allways be non payers around but i feel that  I have been to soft with them in the past. Thanks for taking the time to read this guide.
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