None Payers! Time Wasters! Beware! PEOPLE TO VOID!

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jmcbrdy83 / compactacar1112

These are People I have personally dealt with but never again ! Time Wasters that will bid on your items and NOT pay. they have NO respect for others & happy for you to waste your time and money writing the ad paying for the ad then wining the bidding only to NOT fulfill there part. or say they are coming to collect and DON'T turn up!
So Please bear these people in mind as I would hate them to waste your time too.
The list will get bigger as I am saddened to say there are more people like these out there.
To help stop this check their feed back if you not happy cancel their bids also in this time in life they should have more 5 feedback I don't use Ebay much but as you can see I have more then 5 & 100% positive Good look an lets try an stop these people!
Hope this has been helpful & if not it as given you something to read for five minutes
And maybe the people on the list have read this as karma is a b*tch but it will come around!
For the rest of you Enjoy using Ebay an grab some bargains
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