NorthFace jackets - look out for fakes

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I just wanted to try to warn people who may be looking to buy a NorthFace jacket or coat on Ebay.
I was unfortunate enough to buy a fake NorthFace jacket on Ebay last year but because it was quite a convincing fake, and it was a while before I realised I had been duped, I was not able to report it.
  This picture is identical to the jacket I bought - same tags, and zipper tabs - FAKE.  No sleeve logo and it has fabric zipper tabs.
  Despite the poor image quality, the red tag and plastic zipper tab can be seen and what looks like an embroidered logo on the sleeve.  This picture, while still requiring some confirmation of the details, is probably of a genuine jacket.
My advice would be to go to a high street shop and become familiar with what a real NorthFace jacket looks like.  Look at the zipper tabs, which should be moulded plastic rather than just embroidered fabric .  Also make a note of where all the embroidered logos are and what they say.  You should expect to see NorthFace (obviously) but also Gore-Tex and sometimes the name of the particular jacket model.  Also look for the small details like armpit vents and draw string tabs and the type of fabric used.
Once you know what the jacket you want should look like, send an email to the seller requesting confirmation that all the necessary details are present.  I also think its good to request specific confirmation that the jacket is not a fake.
My jacket was made from a fabric other than Gore-Tex so it is completely unbreathable and not very pleasant when I get warmed up.  The stitching was untidy, the edging has been prone to fraying, and the waist draw-string has become detached at one end - all things you shouldn't see on a genuine NorthFace jacket.
The final check, assuming you confirmed all the right stuff before placing your winning bid, is to make sure the item you receive is the same as that pictured!
I realise that my guide is perhaps not completely authoritive but hopefully it contains some useful pointers.
Thanks for reading
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