Not all REELS are the same CHECK THE MODEL YEAR

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Each of the large reel manuafacturers renew models almost every other year, sometimes its as synthetic as a new box or colour, other times its a major over haul.

So when you look at a description remember, and when comparing prices look at the model. A 2008 model Abu C3 7000i is not the same as a 2005 model Abu C3 7000i, make sure you ask your seller is this the most current model. Before sale, check the specification to the manufacturers web site. Ask for actual pictures of the reel, ask the seller to provide you with the boxed specification.

If you see a 2008 5500 C3 Abu, its going to be more expensive than a 2006 5500 C3 Abu, simple reason is model overhaul, new packaging and new side plates. So stock cost is higher, but internally its the same reel.

Just remember guys, check that model year, you may not be getting a bargain, just 3, 5 or even 10 year old stock!!!!

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