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RE. the guide that says sell Limited Edition and Man of the Match cards in batches, I have to disagree. It all depends what cards you are talking about, so to say that they don't sell because of the price you set is too simplistic.

For example, Steven Gerrard MoM regularly goes for between £5 and £10. Liverpool and Man Utd MoM's also go for between £2 and £4 EACH. The postage you charge also makes a difference. As does the day/time your item ends. Don't list them to finish at 7 in the morning for example!!

As for star players not selling, well yes they do - put these in batches and they will sell. Or my favourite, stick 5-10 star players and 100 normal cards in an empty Ltd Edition tin, and sell for about £8-9.

Anyway, back to the MoM's, and selling in batches. My advice - don't. BUY them in batches, where you will pay around £1 per card, then resell as individuals. You will clean up. In a small way :) This is what I do, and it's working. You could also try buying the lot up as cheaply as possible then selling them as a complete collection. I have sold 2 this way so far, and for good profit.





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