Note II, Why it is the Best Smart Phone Available today

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Galaxy Note II is absolutely a stunning mobile, probably the best smart phone in the market today, and it definitely re-defines mobile phones into Phablets (phone-tablets) as the original Note does. Please note I tried to skip many common features to reduced the article size, if you like to know or add any specific features, please let me know.


Galaxy Note II has the HD Super AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) S-Stripe RGB -3 subpixels - pixel (non-PenTile) screen with 1280×720 resolution with an enormous 5.55 inch screen (5.3 screen in the original Note). It doesn’t mean the phone got bigger, only the screen size increased, not the mobile size, the bezel - rim around the screen got smaller while the screen got bigger.

Resolution Matters or NOT?

Please NOTE tha  the Note original has a better resolution. Note the original Galaxy Note has the resolution of 1280 x 800  where Galaxy Note II only has 1280 x 720 and  uses a 720p screen ratio 16:9 instead of WXGA 16:10. However, this is “note” a bad thing, but a good one as well, the unique HD SuperAMOLED technology with a more traditional RGB subpixel arrangement, where more subpixels making up each individual pixel, makes the display look better with superior saturation, deeper colours, and sharper lines and of course, faster loading as because of less pixels. So in short, even though the resolution is lower than the original Note, Note II display looks better in comparison.

Another positive thing to “Note” is that one article on the Web says, "Interestingly, the Note II's RGB subpixel arrangement isn't quite a standard RGB stripe - it's got a red and green subpixel stacked on top of each other, with a larger (but darker) blue subpixel to the left. There's been some speculation  that this setup allows for extra longevity, as blue AMOLEDs tend to burn out quicker than other colors - and so a larger, darker blue subpixel would last longer. I certainly hope this would make you give a thumbs up for the Note II display.

Operating System, RAM and Processor

With a great 1.6GHz quad core processor and enormous 2 GB RAM, Note II use Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) as the Operating System Jelly Bean which is the best Android OS, yet together it is a recipe for smashing performance. Jelly Bean makes the home screen transition smoother, automatically re-size widgets, expanded notifications, voice search and also information on weather, traffic, navigation and other data in a single interface and much more refined than Note original's Icecream Sandwich OS. Google has tweaked the gallery in Jelly Bean which is easy to browse and navigate. Better yet, Project Butter improves the speed to a smooth 60 fps, and eliminate the frequent problems of crashing, device lag, multitasking issues etc. It also has Systrace to help diagnose performance. 

Graphics Processor

Graphics processing unit (GPU) in Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II is the same ARM Mali -400MP, which is designed to support Reduced memory bandwidth overhead and lower power consumption with the mega memory of Galaxy Note II, imagine how smoother, cooler and easier the 3D games and HD graphics. According to ARMS, Integrated MMU based on standard ARM MMU

Allows virtualization of GPU memory resources and fine-grained memory protection, Fully autonomous GPU enables maximum parallelization of CPU and GPU tasks, Fully optimized production quality software drivers ensure maximum efficiency with low memory fragmentation, reduced integration time and cost, reduced support burden, and Fully autonomous GPU enables maximum parallelization of CPU and GPU tasks.

3100 ah Battery

Ampere-hour (Ah)generally called as “amp” is  is a unit of electric charge, One ampere-hour is equal to 3600 coulombs (ampere-seconds). It is also  read as an indication of the amount of the electricity stored in a battery and how much current the battery can produce over a longer time period. Galaxy Note original has 2500 Ah battery which was stunning a year ago, now Galaxy Note II got a Lithium ion 3100 Ah battery. The higher the Ah number in a battery the better and longer performance is guaranteed. Lithium ion batteries are known for no memory effect, high open circuit voltage and slow discharge rate. However, make sure don’t let your battery depleted fully, charge the battery when it’s at least on the last bar, to prolong battery life. Galaxy Note has larger display and more advanced applications, so it needs a better battery like the Li-ion 3100 Ah, with the power saver option it’s no longer a problem. Also if you buy an additional (original Samsung) battery with a charger it can be a great back up.

128 GB Memory and Storage!

If you are using a 64 GB model Note II then with a 64 GB microSD card, the total memory can be expanded to 128GB, where the original note is limited to accepting only up to 32 GB microSD.

Size Does Matter, in a positive way.

One of the biggest criticism of Galaxy Note mobile series is it’s size, but you will be glad soon that you got a phone with this size, it will be the same as a regular mobile when you call or text, but with the lighter and proper grip it feels better, even for those with smaller hands, it’s perfect. When you see the video, read eBooks, use the maps - navigation, or browse the Internet you will be grateful for the display and phone size.

Stylus with the AIR View!

The S Pen of the original Note stylus is slightly improved in Note II, it’s slightly thicker and more enhanced. With AIR View, you can preview content like pictures by simply hovering your S Pen over it and also it features easy navigation. Now think about this one, the Smart Loss-Prevention Technology lets you know if you forget the the S Pen or it has been left behind.

NFC Support

Don’t know why this feature is ignored by the reviewers, Galaxy Note II is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) support. It will make an impact on both sharing and paying scenarios.

The S-Beam allows users to simply tap their Galaxy Note 2 devices to share larger files, pen notes, and other documents.

Also, NFC allows you to use Note II to pay for products or services at supporting locations using the Google Wallet. At Paypass locations, you only need to hold up your Note II to a card reader for paying for products or services.


The Network features in Galaxy Note II are 3G: HSPA Plus 21Mbps (HSDPA 21Mbps - HSUPA 5.76Mbps) and 4G LTE: 100Mbps - 50Mbps. There are quite a lot of discontent reviews mentioning the mobile is not 4G compatible, it is. Just wait for the 4G implementation by the mobile companies.

Quick Commands and Easy Instant Notes

User quick commands for faster email, sms, or notes for meeting locations where you can draw a gesture or hover the S Pen while a button is pressed,  which in  Quick Command will intelligently decipher and makes your task faster and easier. When you double tap the screen with S Pen the Pop Up Note feature will active, which is really great if you are in a hurry(the original Note also has this feature).


With Galaxy Note II you can integrate your handwriting in your email, memos, clips, photos and screenshots adding your personal touch. Note original has this feature but in Note II handwriting is improved and enhanced also there are more writing tools and templates.


Like the original Note, Galaxy Note II features both the standard GPS and Global Navigation Satellite System, is a radio-based satellite navigation system  (GLONASS), it’s a Russian equivalent to Global Positioning System (GPS). 

That’s all folks, if you think anything I missed or wanted to elaborate, or you disagree with anything please comment.
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