Now That’s What I Call Music - ‘Fatbox’ Issue!

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This guide is based on the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ series ‘Fatbox’ CD’s

Are you getting the complete genuine article?

It may not bother you but to me it makes all the difference! Many ‘Now’ albums are listed with stock photo’s so you cannot tell what the case is like (unless it is stated) This is annoying when you bid on for example a CD from the Anniversary series which originally came in a ‘Fatbox’ and you receive the CD in a ‘Slim case’ So what’s your point you may ask? Well the original ‘Fat Box’ CD’s came with a front insert as the cover, a booklet and a rear insert with the track listing. The front page of the booklets are the same as the front insert and this is how they are used in slim cases. So basically if you buy a ‘Fatbox’ CD and if comes in a slim case then you will be missing the front insert (the insert won’t even fit in a slim case) thus the item is incomplete!
By no means am I implying that this is done deliberately and many sellers will not even know of this so helpfully this guide may help buyers and sellers.

Some other tips I can give on originality are :

All the Anniversary CD’s came with a small round black ‘Anniversary’ sticker on the case
All the black tray grippers have 8 securing pins

Here’s a list to the best of my knowledge of all the U.K series CD’s that originally came in a ‘Fatbox’

Main Series:
Now 10 - Now 28 Inclusive

Anniversary Series
Now 1983 - Now 1993 Inclusive

Now Dance Series
Now Dance 901 The 12” Mixes

Now Dance 902 The 12” Mixes

Now Dance 903 The 12” Mixes

Now Dance 89   The 12” Mixes

Now Dance - The Best Of  93

Now The Very Best Of Dance (2005)

Now Dance Anthems (2009)

The Very Best Of  Now Dance 2010 (2010)



Now Smash Hits Of The 80’s (1987)

Now That’s What I Call Music Decades (2003)

Now That’s What I Call  Music Years (2004)

Now That’s What I Call No. 1’s (2006)

Now That’s What I Call Xmas (2007) Red/Orange Box

Now That’s What I Call Xmas (2007) Green Box

Now That’s What I Call The 80’s (2007)

Now That's What I Call Music 25 Years (2008)

Now That's What I Call  The 90's (2009)

Now That's What I Call The 00's (2010)

Now That's What I Call Xmas (2010) Blue/Pink Box

If I’ve missed any please let me know and I’ll add to the list






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