Nu Swift Int. Fire Extinguishers - RIPPED ME OFF!

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Has anyone else had problems with Nu Swift International's pressurised selling techniques?

After my encounter with them last week I am left the feeling I was duped by this company and now have a very hefty bill for a fire extinguisher I could have purchased for

1/7 th OF THE PRICE,

yes 1/7 th!

Briefly this is what happened to me recently...

I have a contract with a company called Nu-Swift International for servicing of the fire extinguisher(s) at my shop.

Last week their engineer called to service my existing small (2kg 13a rated powder) appliance. He also took away one that was obsolete, but he insisted that I needed another 13a or even higher rated appliance to 'comply with new legistation'. This was news to me, but I trusted his advice as I assumed he was an expert in this field. He suggested I go for a large foam type but I said I thought another small one would be adequate as it is not a large place. I'd purchased the existing one from this company some time back. Normally, on being aware of something needing replacing I would shop around for the best deal. On this occasion he said helpfully that he could supply one there and then and it was priced at 'the going rate', of £289 plus VAT.

No, that's not a typing error - £289! The large foam one he wanted me to buy was nearer £500! (oh and there was and extra £16 plus VAT to pay on top for the little plastic signs that go with them!).

I was gobsmacked at the price. But here was an expert telling me this was the 'going rate' and I was in breach of regulations without it... so, STUPIDLY I agreed to have it installed.

That evening I discovered that I could have purchased one for A SEVENTH of the price on e bay or online. 

As for whether I actually needed one by law, well, I just haven't found out yet, although best practice would indicate that I do.

I have contacted the company who are not willing to take the item back saying it was supplied in good faith and are expecting full payment. They say that this price is 'their going rate'.  As a business I do not have cooling off period and my legal advisors tell me I must pay even though it would appear I am the victim of some VERY SHARP PRACTICE. I feel conned, and angry with myself for trusting this representative. If I am made to pay I will of course be cancelling my contract with them and writing to the director.

To anyone else who is approached like this, please shop around and don't be duped into buying from an engineer who, it would seem, is really a high pressure salesman in an overall. 

If you too have had a problem with this company please e mail me as I would like to know I am not alone. They are based in Elland, Yorkshire, UK.

POSTSCRIPT - The company have agreed to take 30% off my total bill. (It's better than nothing, but I had to fight for it and I still wish I had shopped around.)......


Added 22nd MAY 08 

by pixie 2103...

I just read your report on Nu-Swift International. I own & run a fire protection company in Surrey and I know this company extremely well! They ARE the most expensive company in the fire protection market by far. You may be interested to learn that their complete sales team throughout the country I'm told, have just been sacked/made redundant whatever. They also own a number of other companies across the country and if you choose to cancel (I would) your contract with them you will get a call from one of their other companies. Look out for LW Safety, MK Fire, Southern Fire and more! If you would like impartial advice, a professional and reasonably priced service let me know where you are based and I will help if I can. The engineers are on commission based salaries so they 'have to sell' to make a living. The profits are huge, check companies house for £3.00. They are now in the process of buying more companies as it's cheaper than employing sales staff Jonathon


added June 17th 08...

Dear member,
I just read your article about Nu-swift. We too are having a dispute about our bill with them. Our church also have a contract with them and our recent unannounced inspection by them has led to a £1500 bill. Unfortunately, the pastor who was present at the time of the inspection thought that all he was signing was the inspection report and did not realise it contained financial committment. We too have been told that we have to pay this.
I have contacted customer services, but they seem to be ignoring me. You mentioned that you would have contacted the director. How were you going to do this? Again, the sales guy seemed to have replaced a number of items and added more items and we are not sure whether they are actually necessary. Any ideas how we can prove that his recommendations are valid?
Do you know whether the BBC watchdog have had any investigations into these guys?
I found it interesting that their sales staff was sacked. Can this be verified?
- oyaidea

Added Nov. 14 09... Just read your message about Nu-swift, the same thing has happened to us at work, we have unknowingly been locked into a contact of paying through the nose for a hired extinguisher when we could have bought one for half the cost of one years rental instead we are expected to pay for it for 5 years. Have you any advice? from Jane John


...nice to know it's not just me who is up in arms about this disreputable scumbag company!


This e mail was received by me on 22nd Dec 2010

Dear Dressing-2-Kill

Thanks for your Nu Swift guide

My company is unfortunately locked into a contract with Nu Swift and I recommend stongly that nobody deals with them They are sharks.

My company is unfortunately locked in to a contract with Nu-Swift, and I recommend strongly that nobody deals with them. They are sharks.

An engineer visited our propery recently and gave us incorrect advice concerning the law in order to try to sell us equipment and log books. My advice to anyone dealing with Nu Swift is not to believe anything they tell you, and not to sign any papers they present to you without carefully reading and questioning them. They will try to get you to sign orders for things you don't need, whilst trying to disguise the fact they are orders.

In sum AVOID

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