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Rubies are Red and Violets are Blue. I'm in love with wonderful you....., think of these words when purchasing your Ruby Rings, Ruby Engagement Rings, Ruby Earrings, Ruby Pendants, Ruby Bracelets and Bangles, and all your other Ruby Jewellery.


Rubies were called the "King of Gems" by the Ancients and their name comes from the Latin for "Red". Throughout history many civilizations associated their fiery crimson red colours with love and romance, and have since been an excellent choice for Ruby Engagement Rings and Ruby Eternity Rings.

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They have long been recognized as the Birthstone Gem for July and Rubies are the gemstones associated with both the 15th and 40th wedding Anniversaries.

Ruby Legend and Lore

Ruby is said to bring particularly good luck to lovers and gamblers, and some stories from India suggest those who whore Ruby Rings on the left hand would possess magical powers!

To some the Ruby was a representation of the sun. To others it represented integrity, devotion, happiness, healing, courage, romance, generosity, inspiration, and prosperity. According to legend, warriors implanted Rubies under their skin to bring valor in battle. As a talisman, Ruby would warn its owner against danger and disaster.

Ground to a fine powder and placed on the tongue, it was believed by some ancient cultures to cure blood diseases, stop bleeding, ensure good health, bring peace, and treat indigestion.

The earliest recorded trading of Ruby Gemstones was approximately 200BC when it was thought to be carried westward along the North Silk Road from China.

In England, it was used for coronation rings and to this day enjoys popularity among royalty. Fergie, the Duchess of York received a Ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew.

The red aura of Rubies makes them appear bigger than they really are. Rubies are the scarcest of all gemstones and command extremely high prices. Their average size is also generally less than any other gemstone's.

Today, Rubies have numerous applications: as styluses in turntables, as tiny bearings in expensive wristwatches, and in rod form, they form a crucial component at the laser's core.

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Giving a peice of  Jewellery containing a Birthstone Gem associated with the wearers month of birth, offers good luck and protection. Monthly Birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian calender.

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