OEM Motorcycle Handlebars Buying Guide

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OEM Motorcycle Handlebars Buying Guide

People own motorcycles for a variety of reasons. For some, a motorcycle is merely a method of transportation, while for motorcycle collectors and investors, it is a way of life. There are many motorcycle manufacturing companies, beyond component production companies, throughout the world providing a multitude of choices. Although it is possible to use different components for different machines, it is recommended that an owner uses OEM parts for their motorcycle. Using OEM parts allows for simpler maintenance of the machine and is aesthetically appealing because the bike looks the way the designer intended. Another option is the use of aftermarket components. Although often cheaper, these components are not specifically made for the vehicle, reducing the resale value of the vehicle when compared with a motorcycle using OEM components.

Consumers can make educated decisions about purchasing OEM motorcycle handlebars if they are aware of the different styles and designs of the part. In order to do this, consumers must undertake some research to ensure they are making the correct decision. Basic research, including consulting the motorcycle owner’s manual, helps the consumer avoid purchasing the incorrect OEM handlebars. Knowing which sources to purchase OEM handlebars from, such as eBay, makes for a smooth and efficient acquisition of the product. Finally, understanding how to install the OEM motorcycle handlebars saves consumers the cost of professional installation. With the right preparation, the motorcycle owner can purchase the correct OEM handlebars for their machine and save money in the process.

OEM Motorcycle Handlebars

Handlebars are a key component to a motorbike. Handlebars support the rider’s weight, and mount the brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switch, and rear view mirrors. The rider relies upon handlebars for comfort, steering, braking, and most importantly, safety. Handlebars come in a variety of shapes, specifically designed for different types of motorcycle riding. The following table demonstrates different handlebars and describes the differences between each type.

Handlebar Type


Standard Cruiser

Handlebars extend toward the rider; top priority of this design is rider comfort; most Harley Davidsons use the standard cruiser design

Ape Hanger

Handlebars extend above the level of the bike; rider’s arms are placed higher and wider than with other handlebars


Connect to the triple tree (part that attaches the fork tubes to the frame) and then extend rearward toward the driver; allows for an aerodynamic riding position


Not connected by a bar like other handlebar styles; each handle clips directly to the fork tube; popular design for racing motorcycles


Handlebars are a vintage design; attach to the top of the triple tree and slant down toward rider; rider’s hands are low and close to the body

Identifying the handlebar design equips the consumer with extra knowledge of their motorcycle, making the component research, identification, and purchase quicker and easier.

The Difference Between OE, OEM, and Aftermarket

Before selecting the correct handlebars for their motorcycle, the consumer must first understand the difference between component classifications.

OE means "original equipment". It is an exact replica of the original component made by the manufacturer. OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer". It is an exact replica made either by another producer, or the same part rebranded, for example Renthal handlebars on a Honda motorcycle Aftermarket products, on the other hand, are made by producers that are not connected to the original producer. They produce parts that are compatible with the vehicle at a cheaper price. Often this comes at a compromise to quality.

Researching for the Correct Component

Because each motorcycle component has only one OEM, it makes the research relatively simple. Every vehicle comes with a manual that provides the reference number for each component. If the owner does not have said manual, the part can be found either through the company dealership or on the corresponding manufacturing company website. Each website has a catalogue where the correct OEM can be found. The researcher needs to enter either the vehicle identification number; the engine displacement (the amount of "ccs"), the model name and year; or the model code. It is important to ensure that the correct information is entered because different models have different OEM components.

Purchasing the Component

Once the correct OEM component is identified, the owner must establish from whom they purchase the part. To gain an idea of a competitive price, the buyer must research the cost of the component. It is recommended the owner searches a variety of sources.


The producer of the motorcycle is a viable option. Visiting an authorised dealership or contacting a mechanic representing the company is a good start. Dealing directly with the company means the component is often available or obtainable. However, shopping online is a less expensive option, typically.

Parts and Accessory Stores

Motorcycle parts and accessories stores can be a useful source for obtaining components. Some people prefer face to face customer service with an expert. But, because brick and mortar stores stock a large variety of parts and components, it is possible that the component may not be available, and it may be time consuming to order the replacement.


Buying components online is very popular. Questions can be answered via forums or "frequently asked questions" pages, and customer reviews are extremely helpful to potential buyers. Online shopping is normally a cheaper alternative to the two aforementioned options.

Installing OEM Handlebars

An excellent way for the owner to save money on mechanic costs is by installing the OEM handlebars themselves. However, this is only recommended if the owner is experienced in mechanical repairs. If this is not the case, it is recommended that the installation of the component is left to an expert. A qualified mechanic, even one specialising in the brand of motorcycle, can be found online. If the owner feels confident in their mechanic ability, this step by step process can be used as a guide to assist the process.

  1. Remove the bar ends and mirrors, then remove the levers and hand controls one at a time.
  2. Remove the left-side switch cluster.
  3. Dismantle the throttle-side cluster and slide the throttle tube. This may require the removal of a throttle cable to allow the barrel to slide off the end.
  4. Loosen the bar mounts, but be careful to remember their orientation for replacement.
  5. Fit the new bar.
  6. Sit on the bike and get a feel for the correct angle, width and pullback. Turn the bar left and right to check for clearance with the tank. When comfortable, hand-tighten the clamp.
  7. If there is sufficient room, and the overall width of the bar feels comfortable and safe, mount the clutch and brake perches.
  8. Reinstall the parts and accessories, double checking everything.
  9. Replace the hand grips.

How to Buy OEM Motorcycle Handlebars on eBay

eBay Motors is an excellent source for both researching and purchasing OEM motorcycle components. The range and selection of available products is enormous, and prices are extremely competitive. The user-friendly website provides plenty of information about how to research and purchase goods. A user account is very easy to establish and eBay’s representatives are easily contactable via telephone, email, and chat, plus the help menu answers frequently asked questions.

How to Buy OEM Motorcycle Handlebars on eBay

To search for the buyer can enter "OEM motorcycle Handlebars" in the search box. Or, the buyer could enter "Yamaha handlebars" for a more specific search, or, even the part number of the component required. To refine the search, the buyer can select the format, the make, the part type, the brand, the condition and the price range.

It is strongly recommend that the buyer researches the seller by reviewing the seller’s feedback ratings from previous customers. If there are any questions whatsoever, the buyer should communicate with the seller through their respective accounts.

Once the part is selected, and the bid is successful, payment and delivery methods are established between buyer and seller. Most sellers on eBay accept major credit cards or use PayPal. Each individual transaction made in eBay has different conditions. It is paramount that the buyer understands these conditions before accepting the final purchase and closing the sale.


Handlebars are an extremely important component of the motorcycle, responsible for driver comfort and safety, as well as being a key mechanical component responsible for turning, mounting brake, horn, throttle, rearview mirrors, and clutch.

By knowing the difference between OE, OEM, and aftermarket designs, the consumer can make a decision that suits their individual preference. Using OEM components adds to the resale value of the machine and helps maintain the motorcycle's original design. Following the correct research methods, the consumer can confidently and competently find the suitable OEM handlebars for their motorcycle. Because each model only has one specific OEM part, the initial research process is simplified. Therefore, the most comprehensive part of the process is sourcing a price, establishing from who to purchase the part, be it a dealership, a parts and accessory "brick and mortar" store, or online. The consumer must decide whether to purchase the component new or second-hand. Should the consumer decide to use eBay, thorough research of the product is made easy. Clear and extensive communication with the seller, and an awareness of the terms and conditions of the transaction is recommended. Moreover, after purchasing the OEM handlebars, the motorcycle owner can save money on mechanic costs by installing the equipment themselves. But, if the owner feel less confident or is not mechanically trained, they can arrange for a mechanic to replace the OEM motorcycle handlebars.

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