OOAK - What does it mean?

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If there's ever a question I get asked almost every day via ebay emails.......it is "What does OOAK mean?"

I myself, love to create OOAK dolls, be it Sindy, Barbie, My Scene ~ for me I will make an OOAK from any doll.

So what DOES it mean then!

It s an Acronym, initial's that spell out part of a name or phrase, and in this case it means One Of A Kind

You will usually find this word in an item someone has created themself, most usually used in describing

an item that someone has made, that is unique, and no other exists ANYWHERE in the World.

So for example, in my case, I would use 'OOAK Sindy Doll'  in my title, meaning that my Sindy was a One Of A Kind doll

I do hope this helps!


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