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The Oregon Scientific Osaris PDA

The Osaris uses the EPOC release 4 operating system licensed from Psion but there some major differences between the Osaris and the Psion 5.
The psion 5 uses EPOC release 5.

The size of the touch-sensitive screen is only 320 x 200 with 16 grey levels on this model compared with Psion's 640 x 240.

This difference in screen size may cause problems when you try to use some software that was designed for the Psion 5
(The Psion Revo suffers in the same way)

Although the keyboard looks similar to the Psion 5 it does not slide out so the typing angle is slightly different
There is an upside - it does not seem to suffer the Psion hinge problem!

It also lacks the voice recorder that is included with the Psion 5

The Osaris comes with the following programs pre-installed:
Agenda    For appointments & things to do, as well as birthdays etc.
Data        For names & addresses (or any other database use)
Jotter       For making quick notes
Time        For alarms
Calc         For simple & scientific calculations
World      Shows a map, world times & dialing codes
Word       For writing letters & other documents
Sheet       For tables, spreadsheets & graphs
Bombs     A Minesweeper like game
Sketch     A drawing program with clipart
Programs can be created using the inbuilt OPL language

The document formats are compatible with the Psion 5

32 bit 18.432MHz ARM 7100 CPU with cache and MMU (CL-PS7111).
320 x 240 backlit display with 16 grey scale. Multi level zoom of character size.
It claims up to 35 hour battery life from two AA alkaline cells, although if you use the backlight about 9 hours is more likely.
3V CR2032 lithium backup.
6MB ROM version 1.02 with ER4.
Comes in 2 versions 4Mb, 8Mb RAM
Compact Flash slot underneath body.
115kbps RS232 serial port. IrDA
Physical size
6.75" x 3.5" x .75
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