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There is a growing wave of crime online,they have always been in our society in the form of pickpockets,muggers, confidence tricksters,burgulars.

Just as it's easier for you to shop online, without the hassle of trawling around shops,car boots getting cold/miserable e.t.c.the dishonest person can do their dirty work  in the comfort of their armchair too.

If you went to the local shops in the dark on your own with a lot of money in your pocket,would you be on your gaurd?,not many people would answer no.

Millions of people shop online "in the dark" and feel safe.Why because it's the old false sense of security feeling  "it'l never happen to me"  and online shopping is relatively new.people do feel safe with Paypal, Shopsafe e.t.c. We have been scammed over and over and we are old hands online.  

Just like going to the shops in the dark,think!!!!! If you have money to spend there is always someone waiting to grab it of you. 

If you are an e-bayer selling,lots of people will swear blind they have not recieved the item.Paypal will be on their side.

Send as much as possible recorded or special delivery,if people are genuine they will buy.

If a buyer reports it not recieved then,then they are lying.

Beware/be cautious of items for a penny,chances are they are sellers seeking positive feedback,before operating a scam.

Look at feedback of a particular seller,have they got a lot of feedback from a particular buyer,chances ar they are in cohoots.

Help to make e-bay and online shopping in general a safer place by bieng on your gaurd at all times.

As they say on certain programmes dont have nightmares.

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