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What is Orientalism?

Orientalism in art depicts arab ways of life, customs, architecture, artefacts, harem life and interiors, the souks, street merchants and traders.  Orientalist paintings are distinctive by the use of strong light, bold and vivid colours by painter-travellers during 1830 - 1930 to Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine and Syria capturing it mood.

Generations of artists have been attracted by the lure of the East, executing some of the most celebrated works there, such as, Jean-Leon Gerome, Fabio Fabbi, Ludwig Deutsch, Eugene Delacroix, David Roberts, Rudolf Ernst, Edwin Long Weeks, Dinet, Frederick Goodall, Charles Robertson and many many others. 


Charles Robertson                                         Weeks


Dinet                                                                  Giulio Rosati


Among some of my very many favourite orientalist painters are: Fabio Fabbi, Ettore Simonetti and Giulio Rosati and Arthur Bridgman.


        Arthur Bridgman                                 Fabio Fabbi



Book recommendation


Orientalism by Christine Peltre      

Contains a variety of colour  pictures 


Other ebay recommendations:

Orientalist paintings

Orientalist paintings/LArt-En-Ligne


Orientalist collectors post cards

Thank you for taking the time to read my brief review on the subject of orientalism, I hope you found the review interesting.





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