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Although many items of outdoor clothing are made from waterproof fabrics, such garments cannot claim to be fully waterproof unless the seams are covered with a heat applied tape.  As a result, some garments can only claim to be 'showerproof' as in the event of a heavy downpour or prolonged water exposure, the rain would seep through the tiny pinholes made in the sewn seams.  In seeking a garment that is 100% waterproof, it is therefore important not only to look for a waterproof fabric such as Tres-Tex, but also ensure that the item has taped seams.  Similarly, in the case of footwear, a natural material such as leather is not waterproof.  The waterproofing comes from an inner lining of which there are various trademarked names such as Tres-Tex, Gore-Tex and King-Tex.

Below we have a guide to the propriatory and third party features and technologies which are found in a variety of the Trespass products we sell.  Each one is applied to improve the performance and/or the comfort and well-being of its wearer, whatever environment they may be in.


Waterproof, windproof and breathable, this performance fabric is used in many of our Trespass ranges.  Supple, durable and functional coatings and surface treatments help repel water and work with your layering system to draw moisture away from your body.

Coldheat Insulation

Lightweight, durable and soft lofted fibres trap and hold the heat generated by your body, giving you maximum freedom of movement allowing you to stay comfortable in the most arctic of conditions.


Designed for comfort and warmth from soft, light breathable, anti pill fleece, these garments are a versatile mid-layer.  The special structure of Airtrap not only stretches to give you freedom of movement but creates airspaces that trap and hold your body heat.

Taped Seams

Every seam produced creates hundreds of needle holes that water can get through.  Applying a thermoplastic tape under heat and pressure will seal the seams to keep moisture from passing through.  Taped seams keep you dryer and warmer.


Snowbreaks are a must when the powder is chest deep, keeping the snow where it belongs, on the outside!  They also provide a barrier against the wind, preventing annoying drafts.  Some snowbreaks attach to your waist belt providing a total seal against the elements.  Others are removable for your convenience.


For complete control of your personal environment, venting is as vital as good insulation.  Your body sweats when active, when sweat cools, you get cold.  With a variety of venting options you can dump excess body heat when needed.  When it gets too cold or in deep snow, close off the vents and keep in the heat.


Three options in one garment.  A custom layering system consisting of an outershell and removable fleece offering maximum versatility and the ability to adjust your personal microclimate.

Comm Access

The communications pocket is designed specifically for your mobile phone or two-way radio.  Positioned snugly inside the jacket, this warm environment prolongs battery life as exposure to cold drains battery power.

Audio Pocket

Audio pockets allow easy storage for your personal entertainment systems.  For MiniDisc, Media or MP3 player, these pockets use built in channels, allowing the headphones to connect without compromising the weather seal of the jacket.


Be prepared without sacrificing weight and space in your pack.  Packaway garments are lightweight, adjustable and less bulky yet retain their performance.

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