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hi welcome to another little scam on ebay if you find it useful just click the yes button.

here we se sellers  over inflating postal charges to boost the total price of an item.

everyone adds a small fee to the postage to cover obviously the price of the stamp, the cost of the packaging, the sellers time used to wrap the item and take it to the post office and some even add 50p or so to help cover ebay and paypal fees, but the ones that stand out from the crowd are the ones that charge seven or eight pounds or more for something they just stick a 1st class or even 2nd class stamp on and think they are doing everyone a favour.

these sellers should be avoided at all costs and in my eyes should be banned from selling on ebay altogether, if you work it out you are paying for the sellers listing fees , final value fees, paypal fees , postage costs and still leaving them with a tidy little excess profit.

(dick turpin wore a mask these sellers hide behind a computer screen)

its your risk if you want to be ripped off.   me i just look for another seller who dont rip me off.

thanks for reading


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