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I`m stunned how much people are paying for a FAKE HANDBAGS on Ebay !

I know Real ones are VERY expensive and not everyone can afford the Real bag but buying a OVERPRICED fake handbags is WRONG !

I`ve just seen a fake Chanel bag going for £45+excessive postage ! Not many people are aware that this FAKES are widely available at markets such as Wembley market in London where you can get a designer look handbag for as little as £10 , and if you hassle with the seller a bit you might even get a dicount i.e if you buy more than one item ,on average you could get a good fake Chanel , Lv or Chloe for as little as £15-£20 , wallets/purses for as little as £5-£10 ( now I`ve seen these going for approx £20+ )

Now it is wrong to buy a fake handbags on ebay or on markets but sellers who are taking advantage of other buyers  is even worst ! They know what they sell isn`t worth as much as they selling it for but still they are happy to pocket all the profit ! This must stop !


Please vote for this guide to be more visiable to others ! Please do not overpaid on FAKE BAGS ! Beware


P.S. People who are voted for this guide as not helpful are obviously selling FAKES HANDBAGS themself & pocketing the profit


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