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Don't get me wrong I LOVE ebay.  Whenever I want anything, it is the first place I look.  After all where else can you check out absolutely anything in one place.  Do that on the high street and you would get seriously foot sore.  However it makes me mad when sellers over charge. 

If you are planning on buying a pair of EMU boots  shop around, ebay sellers are charging too much.  I bid on a pair of black stingers and bailed out at £37 they went for £117 plus postage.  I did a bit of searching and found the same boot on Amazon for £67 in the sale (normally £89 so still cheaper) and with express postage got them delivered to me for just over £70.  They are brilliant boots and checking ebay today there are loads being offered at well over £100 when the retail price is about £90.  Don't get ripped off check out the likes of Amazon and others.  Ebay is usually unbeatable but in this instance I think that as EMU boots are a great alternative to UGG boots some sellers are thinking that at £100 they are cheaper than UGGs making them a must buy which is TRUE but at £100 they are VERY expensive for EMUS boots.  Buy your EMUs save money but don't get shafted.

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