OZONE LITTLE DEVIL 2.1m Powerkite - Second hand bargin

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The Little Devil was Ozones entry level Powerkite range until a couple of years ago.  Its is now superceded by the similar Fury range, in all but the tiny 1.5m LD Stunt model (which is still avaliable).   The LD is almost identical to the Fury in design, but has a different sail fabric and inferior graphics.

The little Devil still makes a fantastic buy second hand, as it is ideal for static flying or use in a buggy. 

First Impressions

The kite oozes quality.  Right from the reinforcing on the leading edge, to the really thin, elegant stitched bridle, there isn't a stitch out of place.  This may have been the entry level Ozone kite, but no compromises have been made on quality.  This is what makes it a fantastic buy second hand.  It takes a lot to wear out a Ozone kite!

The underside of the kite is white, with the top side having a quite boring white and one Primary colour band.  My 2.1m is red and white, its OK, but not as nice as newer kite designs.   Good job I'm a believer that performance is far more important than appearance!

The kite comes in a simple Ozone stuff sac.  To be honest I see this as a bonus, as there are no bulky rucksacks to fit into the bag on the back of my buggy.

My kite was second hand and came with:

  • Fully neoprene covered flying handles
  • Kite killers
  • 20 xm 180/110kg flying lines


Set Up:

The lines are the usual Ozone quality, with nicely stiched ends.  They do not have the numbered tags as on later Ozones, but then its not that hard to get it right.

The Leading edge is completely open, with no mesh or gauze to cover it. On the beach you find that sand can get in a bit too easily, but then it also comes out easily too!

The Kite sits on ground leading edge up, with the trailing edge held firm by the brakes.  Depending on the wind strength the kite will sit mostly upright. It is quite fat and solid looking.

Handles are slim and fully neoprene covered so feel very comfortable.  Some people prefer the Flexifoil rubber type handle, but I wouldn't swap my Ozone ones for the world.


The 2.1 kite is comfortable to fly from about 12mph, to over 30mph.  At the higher end it really does pull so beware!  It is a fast responsive kite, that responds quickly and turns easily within its wingspan.  A couple of loops and some real power is developed, however it still feels very stable and controllable.

The deep shape makes the Little Devil very tolerant of gusts, it just seems to smooth them out.  It flies stably to the edge of the window and just sits there with minimal input from the flyer.  Great for giving you time to think without worrying about what the kites doing!

The LD has minimal lift, but good steady pull, and hence is ideal for use in a buggy.   Getting in buggy is easy as kite does not suddenly do anything unexpected.

Dipping the kite down into the power zone, the power comes on smoothly, the bug starts to roll and then the smiling really starts. The Little Devil just goes on flying and pulling, it does not seem to know where the edge of the wind window is.  

The kite is very controllable and really does go where its put there is none of the heart stopping worry that you get with lifty kite (like a Blade) when the wind gets a bit unpredictable.


For recreational or buggying this kite is superb, I would recommend it to anyone.   The quality is second to none and it makes a great second hand buy

There are cheaper beginners kites secondhand but the LD has quality of design and build that make it worth the extra.  They are very well made kite, and while they do tend to retain their value well.

If you want a beginners to intermediate kite which will grow with you, buy a bargain Little Devil it won't disappoint.

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Finally what Ozone said about the Little Devil ...

The Little Devils are Ozone's all-round traction kite.

Designed for all types of traction fun from buggying to snowboarding, skiing to mountain boarding, skate-boarding, roller blading, kite surfing, even riding your granny's wheelchair. Whatever your traction passion, 'Little Devils' produce solid, sturdy, user-friendly power.

Constructed using the latest technological innovations from the world of paraglider design the 'Little Devil' series delivers easy handling, brilliant resistance to luffing and enough performance to put most competition kites to shame.

The profile is thicker than a lot of conventional kites to provide extra stability in gusty winds or in the hands of the inexperienced. Combined with a hi-tec planform and a low drag line plan the 'Little Devils' are trimmed and tuned to balance performance, stability with handling that is ideal for all types of traction kiting.

All Ozone kites are built to the same standards as our rigorously tested and certified paragliders. This consistent and millimetre accurate construction creates kites that are incredibly tough and keep their shape and factory trim even after prolonged use.

This special blend of parafoil characteristics help make the 'Little Devils' stand out from the crowd.

======= another write up from Ozone =======

If you are looking for amazing handling in an all-round kite, the Devils are sure to impress.

Throw these beauties around and you'll instantly see what we mean - totally stable with virtually no luffing, they sit at the edge of the wind window without overflying or collapsing. The power comes on smoothly and controllably - no sudden snaps or surges. The Devils' impressive performance in gusty winds often makes these kites our choice over race kites in non-ideal conditions. The 2.1 is a god-send in every racers bag for when the wind really picks up - you need something utterly predictable!

The Devils are recommended for beginner/intermediate buggiers, or those wanting the opportunity to nail those freestyle buggy tricks without having to worry about the kite catching them out when mid-360-spin.

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