O'baby ZeZu

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Oh what a pram.

As any parent first time or a old hat at it all, you always want the best for you little bundle of joy. The main things most parents think about is what the pram and do and the safety and ease with the product they are buying.

I myself have two children so these are tried and tested a fair few prams to find the right one. out of all the prams I have had the best by far is the O'baby ZeZu . It is a strong sturdy pram. To lift the frame it is not light, but to push around town shopping or on a more wooded/ruff terrain this is fantastic. A very easy to assemble and to take apart to lift in and out of the car.

The pram is everything you can get the car seat to keep your little one snug n warm in the first months. It also have a full lay down pram ( a feature I like) it is a parent and world facing pram, again very easy to change to all these functions. The pram comes in different colors and styles for both boys and girls or unisex if your having a surprise. 
With the basic package you get the pram, change bag, rain cover, basket and change mat.

I can't praise this pram enough and like i said i have had a few from silver cross and other company's.

I'm writing these guides for Bzz Agents who are through e-bay trying t make people aware  of the e-bay guides and the usefulness of the guides for future buyers.

I hope this has helped you.
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