Oberheim Matrix-12 Scam! Buyers Beware!!!

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The same Matrix-12 (pictured on a blue cloth) pops up periodically on ebay from different sellers, but always for a ridiculous sub-£1000 price. Long ago I was unlucky enough to bid and be offered the chance to end the auction early, only to find the seller send me a fake invoice from ebay (even linking me to a fake ebay look-alike page instructing me to pay by moneygram!). At the time I was over-joyed to have won a Matrix-12 at such a great price (£650 as I recall) and promptly ran to the post office to send the guy my money. Upon returning home, some alarms bells started to ring and I searched out some ebay small print that instructs buyers that moneygram transfer is an illegal payment method on ebay. As quickly as I ran to pay, I ran back to the post office to withdraw the transaction which, luckily, had not yet been withdrawn from the sellers end. Counting my lucky stars, I reported the user to ebay but, as I've already mentioned, this item still pops up every now and again under different user names. When I contacted the seller to ask for a "cash on collection" transaction I heard nothing back. I am writing this as the same Matrix-12 has appeared again on ebay today (21-05-08) - unfortunately already with 2 bidders. As upsetting as it may be, some things are just too good to be true... Do not Bid!
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