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Now that Ebay are intending to introduce complusary free p&p for all media items like Cds, Vinyl LPs etc it is wise to look at what you, as the seller, can add to your p&p to make it more attractive than your "rivals". 

For domestic (ie, UK buyers) I find there is one thing I offer that constently brings postive comments from buyers, and that is specially designed packaging for Cds and LPs.  Cds are, size permitting, always packed in special postage boxes.  These are made from stiffened cardboard and the Cds fit snuggly inside, which affords much better protection than "jiffy" bags or using bubble-wrap.  I have received many comments praising my use of these little boxes, and quite a few returning buyers who know that any Cds they buy from me will reach them in very good order.

For LPs I use 12" mailers with stiffeners.  When using these it is important to remember to remove the record from the outer sleeve - leave it in the inner sleeve - and place it in the mailer sandwiched between the cardboard stiffener and outer sleeve.  By packing the LPs in this way any chance of damage to the record - splitting, cracking etc - is reduced to a minimum, and it looks so much more professional than using cut-up bits of cardboard!

The Cd boxes can be found in most good stationary stores - I buy mine from my local 'Pound Shop' (pack of 5 for, yep, £1!), and the 12" mailers can be brought on Ebay - just put in 12" mailers in the search box and you should find the right place.  I invested £25 on a box of 100 mailers, with stiffeners and "Fragile: With Care" labels.  This modest investment has saved me time and increased my reputation with my buyers.

As for overseas buyers all the above applies, but please remember that if you have factored in postal cost for UK buyers in your starting price this will also be paid by overseas buyers, so personally I have decreased my postal costs to them to allow for the fact that a certain amount of the postal charges to them have been included in my starting price.

I hope anyone reading this finds this helpful, and remember the happier you can keep your buyers the better your feedback, and the greater the chances you will have returning buyers looking to give you some extra business.

Cheers to all





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