Offers from German 'customers'

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I just MAY be wrong, but I have had two German contacts,, each mis-spelt, suggesting that I tell them my price and they will buy straight away. The first one had Feedback - but it was kept private; when I responded, I asked why he did not place a bid (2nd day of 7 day auction) and why his feedback was kept undisclosed, he sent a fairly nasty message back. The other contact tried a similar ploy. Bothe were after a Burberry bag, and I have heard no more from them.

DO NOT TRUST early, mis-spelt offers made without a bid or access to Feeback. Report them!

Later: One of these customers turned up trumps! My sincere apologies to him. He bought and we have both given good feedback. The other has not been heard of since.

So, I WAS wrong on one, but probably right about the other. Moral: You pay or accept a bid and if you follow the rules all should be well



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