Oil-Free Face Moisturiser Buying Guide

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Oil-Free Face Moisturiser Buying Guide

The face and the hands are among the parts of one's body that are more exposed to environmental factors. While other areas are protected by clothing, the face and hands can feel the full effect of the outdoors and require more attention. Facial skin is more sensitive and, without proper care, its health can quickly deteriorate. Applying moisturiser is among the basic types of care that need to be provided to the skin on a daily basis.

Choosing a moisturiser is a matter that is dependent on skin type and personal taste. Oil-free face moisturisers are effective products that help the skin hydrate properly. However, they work only on a specific skin type and only deal with a very specific subset of skin problems. Learning about the contents of an oil-free moisturiser and the type of skin problems it can treat can help a buyer decide whether it is worth considering. Some of the knowledge is even universally applicable and can also be used when selecting other types of moisturisers.

One can utilise the online resource eBay to find and purchase just the right type of oil-free moisturiser for one's skin.

Who Should Use An Oil-Free Face Moisturiser?

The human skin can be classified as normal, dry, oily, or sensitive. Each skin type has different issues that need to be addressed, and this explains why cosmetics companies create separate products that focus on each type. Oil-free moisturisers are designed to work with oily skin only.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is usually found in what is called the T-zone. That is the area covering the forehead, nose and chin. These regions are covered in sebaceous glands that produce a natural oil called sebum. Many factors can cause these glands to overwork, making the overall appearance of the skin oily and shiny.

One of the main causes of oily skin is lack of proper skin hydration. The skin becomes dry over time, and that is when the sebaceous glands start to act up. Trying to remove the excess oils with soap further dries up the skin to exacerbate the problem.


Oil-free face moisturisers are water based and are created to hydrate the skin in troubled regions. This provides treatment to the cause rather than dealing with the symptoms. An oil-free moisturiser does more than just hydration. It also treats acne and breakouts, which are common when dealing with oily skin. The end goal is to restore the delicate balance of the skin, allowing it to function properly.

Ingredients in an Oil-Free Face Moisturiser

The ingredients can help a user determine whether a moisturiser is appropriate. Usually, the ingredients are listed on the product label, but some knowledge is needed to interpret the contents. Understanding the function of each ingredient brings the shopper one step closer to choosing the right product.

What to Expect

The key ingredient in all oil-free moisturisers is water. It may be listed as aqua or purified water. Silicon oil is another common component. The term oil-free means than no carbon oils have been used. Vegetable, animal, and mineral oils are all carbon-based. Silicon oils are man-made, and they help form a consistent cream. Water-based products can be too runny if no oil is added in the mix. The advantage of silicone oil is that the silicon base makes it inert. The oil does not react at all with the body so it is less likely to create problems that are commonly associated with excess oils.

Other Ingredients

The moisturiser is made up of more than the two components discussed above. The use of other ingredients help a moisturiser achieve good results. Some of the more common ingredients and their uses are listed in the chart below.



Glycerin, sorbitol, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid

Components that attract water from the environment, bind it and keep it close to the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids

Exfoliate dead skin, allowing the moisturiser to reach deeper.

Beta hydroxy acids

Exfoliate dead skin and hold anti-inflammatory properties.

Incroquat BTMS

Conditioning agent

Some of the moisturisers are labelled non-comedogenic, meaning that the moisturiser contains ingredients that are less likely to cause comedo formation. Comedo are commonly known as blackheads and whiteheads.

Types of Oil-Free Face Moisturisers

Oil-free moisturisers do more than just hydrate skin. The moisturiser that provides the basic function is considered a regular moisturiser. This is a lighter lotion or a heavy cream that can be used after the face has been cleansed or scrubbed. The regular moisturiser is meant for everyday use. Applying it after toners, serums, and masks can also be beneficial to the skin.

Oil-free moisturisers serve other purposes too, which are discussed below.

Tinted Moisturiser

Tinted moisturisers are those that have foundation ingredients mixed into the formula and provide just a hit of coverage. They come in different shades and and eliminate the need of a separate make-up product. Using a tinted moisturiser eliminates worries about the foundation not reacting well with the moisturised skin. It also saves time for the user, as application of a foundation is not needed.

Moisturiser With SPF

Moisturisers often come with a sun protection factor. The sun can create more harm to the skin when it is not properly hydrated, so it is a good idea to be protected from harmful ultraviolet radiation while trying to restore the balance of the skin. This type of protection works well against photoaging, wrinkles, and discolouration of skin.

Night-Time Moisturiser

Night-time moisturisers are heavier creams that need more time to absorb. This makes them unsuitable for day use, but they are more effective in the night time and work with the skin's natural restoration process that happens during sleep. They may also be labelled as night creams or overnight treatment.

Balance Between Price and Quantity

Cosmetics can cost a pretty penny, so the financial aspect should not be overlooked. Always keep in mind that the product with the higher price tag is not necessarily the one that provides the best results. Most high-end brand names do hold a good reputation for producing quality products, but the name adds to the price.

When purchasing high-end brand moisturisers, try to buy larger packs, or buy them in bulk. Usually, estimates are provided on how many days the product quantity should last, so stock up for about three months in advance. Sales and coupons also provide good opportunities to save money on these moisturisers. Of course, make sure that the product agrees well with the skin before investing in large quantities.

Less familiar brands almost always offer more value for the money. An inexpensive moisturiser can be as effective as a high-end one. Do some research on the product components and on customer satisfaction before deciding to try one, so that one does not end up purchasing a product that the skin reacts poorly to.

Buying an Oil-Free Face Moisturiser on eBay

Moisturisers are easily available in mainstream shops, but it is rare to find the amount of choice that eBay offers. Purchasing on eBay allows the buyer to find a product that is specifically tailored to the needs.

Finding oil-free face moisturisers on eBay is easy. Just type in "oil-free moisturisers", and filter out unrelated results by selecting "Face" from the region filter. Choosing a brand from the filters and setting a price range is another step towards creating a more manageable subset of results.

Buying in bulk is a strategy one can employ in order to get a better price. Sometimes there are moisturisers available in used condition on eBay. Moisturisers that come in a tube or with a pump have had virtually no contact with the previous owner, so this provides a fairly safe way to purchase high-end cosmetics at lower prices.

Remember that it is always a good idea to check the background of the seller before making a purchase. This can be accomplished by by reviewing feedback that the seller has received on eBay from other customers. It is also worthwhile to work with eBay's sellers who hold Top-rated seller status.


Individuals who have oily skin can benefit greatly from using oil-free face moisturisers. This product not only treats the production of excess oils but it also deals with the other related skin problems that can occur.

An oil-free face moisturiser is more than just a water-based cream that hydrates the skin. Modern moisturisers are designed to serve more than one purpose. Aside from the basic functions, moisturisers also provide sun protection or include make-up foundation. When selecting a moisturiser that also acts as a foundation, always make sure to get the right shade for one's skin.

When dealing with cosmetics, it is always a battle between quality and quantity. Lesser-known brands offer better value for the money. Some of them are just as effective as the high-end brands, and they cost considerably less.

eBay has a good selection to offer when it comes to oil-free face moisturisers. All products available can be found at one's fingertips, and the results can be filtered to match each individual's unique needs.

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