Oil painting techniques

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Oil Painting by Sophie Smallwood
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Oil Painting by Sophie Smallwood

Beginning painting

Firstly decide whether you want to create a thick or a thin texture. If your going for a thick texture use oil paints and mix the colours to make it thicker. If your going for a thin texture you will have to buy an oil thinner painting medium from an art shop.

Painting a thick texture
If you decide to paint a thick texture make sure you paint onto a canvas or canvas board to make the paint easier to spread. You will also need a set of different size brushes, it also creates a better effect if you use rough brushes.
Next, find something to paint from.
Then you can begin. Try to use similar colours per paint brush, so the colours don't get mixed up because you can't use water to wash the brushes. Then, start painting. Build the paint up in layers, it is best to wait for each layer to dry as you go, this way it won't take as long to dry when it is finished and it makes it easier to paint.
You cannot use oils like watercolours, if you want to mix colours you will have to build the colours up in layers adding one colour on top of the other. To give the effect of light, add white on top of the existing paint. Slowly build up your painting in different layers to create a thick texture. Then wait for it to dry and decide whether you want to add more on top to improve it or make the texture even thicker.

Painting a thin texture
To paint a thin texture you must use a painting medium for oils. Oil paints are very thick, the painting medium makes them thinner an easier to spread, therefore creating a thinner texture. The same rules for brushes as with painting thick texture still apply.
However, this time when you begin to paint you apply some paint on the canvas, dip your brush in the painting medium then use it to spread the paint. Continue this technique throughout the painting. If you want to blend 2 colours, firstly apply the colours, then use the painting medium to slowly blend them together.

Happy painting! And please visit my page: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/sophoxox
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