Old Software Not Working With Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

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It has become apparent that some older titles and some newer titles that have not been updated for use correctly in the new Internet Explorer 7.

Programmers tend to use proven and well known code to save time in product develpment which is how this problem is continued to arise.

As Internet Explorer 7 is a totally new browser rather than an updated older version, any software using code for Internet Explorer 6 or earlier just no longer work, although the same issue appears not to arise on machines running Windows Vista.

As the majority of users seem to run Windows XP at the moment this is a problem, although the software titles that do use browser techniques intended for Internet Explorer 6 or earlier do not entirely use browser code, some do use some of it, (mainly for navigation for example).

The good news is Microsoft have come up with a patch to overcome the issue, what it does is trick the software to think that IE7 is in fact IE6. The patch actually allows IE7 to emulate IE6 for the sake of the software routines. As it is an emulator it cannot be guarnteed to work with all titles, but certainly seems to work with the majority.

The patch can be downloaded from the Microsoft website under the Knowledge Base Article KB923196

I hope this helps.

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