Olympic 50p Guide and Easy Ways to collect.

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Olympic 50p Coins

Just before the olympics started I noticed that some 50p coins had the events on the coin. I came onto eBay and noticed that some were selling upto £2.00 for a 50p. I thought I would like to start collecting a full set for myself and had completed one within 2 months without buying any on eBay.

The quickest way to start collecting is getting family and friends to start looking for you awell but beware that they might also want to start collecting there own set aswell so start trying to swap dobles with each other rather than giving them to shops because you already have them.

Another way I started to fill up my set was when I went into a shop I would ask if they would be able to look in there till for me to see if they have any and the worst they could say was no. Alot of the shops were very helpful and had a look and some even kept them to one side for me so when I came back in I could swap them for cash. One of the smaller shops must have seen that they were selling for more on eBay so decied to keep them for themselfs which was fine because by this point I had already quite a few shops looking for me.

I nearly had a full set but there was one coin that I could not find even with all these shops looking for me. I then had an idea that I would go to the bank and buy bags of 50p's taking out the olympic coins and then taking them back and getting the cash back for the non-olympic 50p's. I managed to find this 50p in one of the bag's so my set was complete but I still had alot of dobles so then started a second set which I have not yet completed.

According to the news nearly 70% of these coins have been collected by collectors or other people so the more ways you have to find them the better. This is were eBay sellers are making money with people wanting to complete a set and some are very hard to find. I myself have sold a few of these coins on eBay but thought i would write a guide showing that there are different way for these coins to be found you just need to take your time and not rush buying them when you haven't found your last one in a day or two.

Alot of people on eBay are also selling holders for the Olympic Coins but these can be very expensive if you go onto the royal mint they have done a booklet for free and you only have to pay the £3 postage.

Good Luck hunting and I hope this has helped/

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