Olympus AF-1 Mini - Read This To Avoid Disappointment!!

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The Olympus AF1 mini is a great little camera, I have purchased 3 from ebay but you must be careful, 2 of them are now in the bin!

I'm not a glutton for punishment, I wanted a pair of decent compact camera's for a job that I am doing next year and the first one I got was excellent, It is in great condition and is without fault, it even came with the original receipt!

However, the next one I got was not so good. To be fair the seller did state that the battery door was broken, but I thought this may be worth fixing to give me the matching pair I was after, however, when I received the film back from developing, I found out that the camera didn't work at all, the shutter is stuck and therefore the camera was worthless, so into the bin it flew.

Then I found a third one and after reading the description twice and seeing the words 'works well for those who like 'proper' cameras' thought I had found a good one. It arrived 5 minutes ago and is also now in the bin. Its that battery door again, which turns out is not repairable by the way, and after putting batteries in it and checking all the mechanisms, the shutter on this one does't work either, although at least this one came with a strap which was worth the 99p this one cost!

Don't get me wrong, I still think they are cracking camera's, the results from the first ones are excellent, you just have to be careful, if you are considering bidding on one of these, ask the seller question, Is the battery door ok and can you show a picture proving this? 

It would also be worth asking them to pop in a couple of AA batteries, opening the film back and firing the shutter a couple of times to check that it works, If they refuse, then just walk away until you find a seller that will!

I haven't found it worth the hassle of raising issues with these cameras, they didn't cost enough to bother with it, although I will probably now be looking at alternatives

I  hope this helps

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