Olympus OM10 - the ultimate 'student camera'?

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It seems that the Olympus OM10 has taken over from the venerable Pentax K1000 as the recommended 'student camera'. Is that justified?

Well, it's ok. Small, light and with decent enough lenses. However, it really is a camera for the complete beginner. If you must have an aperture priority only SLR (and as far as I'm concerned, it is AE only - the so-called manual adaptor is a pain to use) the Nikon EM is far superior.

Alternatively, why not buy something that 'grows' as you do - AE plus the opportunity to experiment with 'Manual'. Then the choice is almost limitless. How about a Minolta X300 (better and cheaper lenses), a Nikon FG (better and more expensive lenses), or a Pentax P30. The latter two will allow you to use your lenses on your DSLR too.

Or, think outside the box - a Yashica FR-1, perhaps a Chinon Memotron...? If you really must have an Olympus, an OM40. There are literally hundreds of more suitable usable 'classic' SLRs on eBay at any one time.

Personally, if I didn't have a DSLR it would be a Minolta X500 or XD7. If I did, and wanted lens interchangability, it would be a Nikon FE (if I could afford one!).

You can guess which of the above I have and use. The camera in the car, 'just in case', is a Cosina (another review due..)
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