Omniture Traffic Reports for your Ebay Shop Pros & Cons

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Omniture Traffic Reports for your Ebay Shop - Pros and Cons and a WARNING! 

Omniture is a traffic analysis software available for free for your Ebay Shop.
Google Analytics cannot be used with Ebay listings; Omniture is a comparable service offered by Ebay.

I am not an experienced user of Omniture but have used it at times for two years and would like to make some comments about it.
I hope these comments will be read by other users to help get the most from the software (and avoid my big mistake!).

This is not a How To guide, but lists some good points and bad points about the software.


- easy to use;
- free;
- works in the background once you have signed up;
- compares views to 4 weeks previously and 1 year previously;
- you can drill reports down to individual listings
- you can look at any date range up to 2 years ago


- you cannot see a geographical breakdown of your viewers, unlike Google Analytics which I have used on other websites.

- If you don't use Omniture for three months, IT STOPS TRACKING YOUR LISTINGS AND DOESN'T TELL YOU !!!
This is such a bad con and they do not tell you about this when you sign up - or at least I don't remember it and they certainly do not remind you.
I "forgot" to look at it much this year and eventually found I had 8 months of tracking missing.
Now I have set up reminders so I log in regularly, through memotome dot com.
Set up reminders to check in to Omniture every month or so.

How to find and log in to Omniture

You can go directly to the login for Omniture from this link :
Omniture Traffic Reports

Or, go to Omniture Traffic Reports via your Seller Dashboard.

- From My Ebay, select Account, Seller Dashboard.
- Low down on the left, click on Traffic Reports. You will be asked to log in to Omniture with your Ebay details.

You can alternatively reach your Seller Dashboard in these ways :
- in Selling Manager Pro, look at Seller Dashboard section, and Go to your Dashboard;
- in the right hand menus on your Feedback page ;
- make a shortcut in your browser.
Then find Traffic Reports low in the left hand menu, and sign in.

Some Useful Reports

From the Summary page or from the left hand menus :
- Page Views
- Visits of 30 minutes or more
- Daily Unique Visitors
- Storefront homepage views
- Most popular pages - including shop pages
- Most popular fixed price listings
- Most popular auctions
- Keywords used to search your store
- Keywords that drove traffic to your store

From the left hand menus only :
- Referring Domains
- Referring Search Engines
- Referring search keywords

Help Pages

Basic help for Traffic Reports :
Basic details :

I hope this guide is useful to you if you have, or are considering, an Ebay Shop.

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