One VERY IMPORTANT Tip when selling your Motor Vehicle!

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I Have been informed that some people could be unlawfully stealing your identity when you sell your motor vehicle on ebay!

The reason for this is if a criminal obtains a vehicle which has been previously stolen or one that is unregistered, they will most probably have NO intention of registering/taxing or insuring the vehicle. They will then simply search on ebay for pictures of a similar make and model of vehicle to the one they unlawfully have, then just COPY the NUMBER PLATE of one they find if the honest ebay seller hasn't blanked out thier Number Plate in the Images! They will then have the same Number Plate made up and put it one the illegal vehicle. This way if the Police do a quick PNC check while passing the vehicle on the road, it will show up that all the paperwork is in order, your paperwork, on a stolen vehicle!

The further implications for this could be terrible, the vehicle could be used in a robbery and caught on camera, or a speed camera, this could all come back to you or the new buyer of your car, all because they COPIED your Number Plate because you didnt blank them out in your sale pictures! Of course they could check elsewhere, other sites, magazines etc but many dealers already blank out the Plates of vehicles they advertise, private and trade. Ebay is just a quick, easy and convenient way of checking the pictures for the Number Plate they need.

So Before you advertise your vehicle for sale on ebay, make sure when you take the picture of your vehicle, either tape some card over the plate, or blank it out in your Image Editing Software....!

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