One Way Feedback Abuse & Refunds

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One Way Feedback Abuse & Refunds

thank you for reading my guide, this is especially a guide for new sellers or buyers who like to cause trouble. In the past two days i have had 2 ebayers take advantage of the feedback system when purchasing items which were 110% described in a accurate manner. I want to warn all the sellers out there once again that there is nothing we can do when a person buys something - doesn't read listing properly or if they want to return item because it is too small or the colour doesn't match their eyes. (yes i have heard it all)

They are rude, threaten bad feedback - one which i had to wait 10 days for payment for was so rude and arrogant i was literally steaming. but of course you cannot say anything until the ebayer has left good feedback or cancelled transaction with you ;)

Its a hopeless case sellers - why should we have to refund and be smiley and polite when it is as described, we send it within 24 hours and then have somebody email back with rudeness and demand us grovel at there knees  - and another thing many times my items have a certain perfume to them when returned - we think that they are used and the returned sometimes - it is disgusting.

The only way to stop this is to stop selling, i know. so unless ebay want to loose all the private small sellers this feedback system and the abuse needs to be sorted out. even if it means we can forward abusive emails to ebay and them put a block on the buyers feedback - would be fine.

click yes, if you agree to this. i hope its sorted out soon.

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