One can also value test report and counsellor!

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 One can also value test report and counsellor!

Test reports is to be written or to be written counsellor, however, though no big thing, it gives people who give this trouble to themselves. This trouble is met, unfortunately, with more and more ignorance, this is not fair. If I read a test report, nevertheless, I must be "a person" enough to say he has helped me or I can start NO nothing with. If, nevertheless, only approx. 5% of all readers express her opinion, is very frustrating for a test report or counsellor writer. There the question is permitted: why I sit down there and tries to give to other tips if these my tips do not register.

If this is not even a reflexion of our society: One takes what one gets, however, something is not to be returned ready for it.

It could be that now the reader says: What does the idiot want, actually?

Answer: Movement!

Do you think please once whether as it not is really as I have shown it, do we not close oftgenug our eyes before that which are ready to us to help?


They believe, NO I gives everything what I have, even if my opponent only takes.
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