Online Rover Radio Code Guide

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Rover radio code service online - IRC UK
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Rover radio code service online - IRC UK
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How to get your Rover Radio Code Online

Following MG Rover's collapse in 2005 finding a dealership has become very difficult. To get the original radio code for your MG or Rover vehicle manufactured from 1995 is now very easy to do thanks to IRC UK. Using just the 14 digit unique serial number which begins with RG, MG, BP, AL, KE or VD.
All Rover Radio Codes can be purchased online and displayed on your screen and sent to you by email in under one hour daily. Entering the code into the CD or cassette player is very simple, however the code entry instructions are different for each manufacturer of unit. If you have purchased the radio code from IRC UK you can telephone 01379 669375 from 9am until 9pm daily for assistance.

Removing the CD or cassette player.

To locate the unique fourteen digit serial number the unit will need to be removed from the dashboard, to do this you will need to purchase a set of radio removal keys.
You will need the Autoleads PC5-83, PC5-93 or PC5-107 radio removal keys. You can buy a set of these from our eBay Shop.


Why does my code not work?
If the original code does not unlock the CD or cassette player the serial number you have supplied may not be correct you should check this to be sure you have the correct one. Also if you use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to retrieve your code the CD or cassette player may not be the original in the car - always use the serial number this is more accurate!
I can not input the code?
If the battery in the car has been disconnected the power to the CD or cassette player is lost which activates the Anti Theft System you may need to leave the radio on for a short time to enable the unit to be ready to accept your radio code, if the display shows ' ERROR' again leave the unit on for up to two hours.

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