Online Tarot Card Readings - What You Should Know

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Very many thanks for taking a look at my guide, which has been designed specifically to help you avoid some of the pit-falls of booking an on-line Tarot Card or Pyschic reading.

Whilst it's not possible to cover every aspect, it's my sincere hope that this guide will help to steer you away from some of the many charlatans out there, who have no real talent, or any degree of intent to actually help you (aside from helping to part you from your hard-earned money!)

On eBay, the very first consideration is just how much you should be paying; just take a look at all of those adverts for Tarot Card Readings - there's hundereds of them!  Some start at just 80p, whilst others are anything upwards of £40!!  How does this relate to the reader's accuracy?

Sadly, it's a simple fact that it doesn't!  A simple £3 reading may be far more accurate that one which you pay £20 for... Don't fall into the trap that expensive equals genuine!

Bearing this in mind, it is often better to actually 'test' a few of the lower-priced readings on offer, and - only then -  ask for a more detailed reading from whoever impressed you the most.

Another issue to watch out for is those Tarot Readers who are:

  • Also Pyschic
  • Also Channeling Spirit
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Reiki Practitioners

These people are frequently only offering a Tarot Reading so that they can offer you a much more expensive, 'specialist' service afterwards!

Also, bear in mind that - if it's a Tarot Reading you want, somebody who's focussed on lots of other areas won't be anywhere near as adept with the Tarot, as a reader who ONLY concentrates on Tarot will be - again, this is another case of more definately NOT being equal to better!

Next-up, and as with any eBay item, Feedback is your friend; always, always check to see what feedback has been left by others who have used the reader's services.

Things to look out in particular here are comments about good follow-up, intentions to return for another reading, and metions of actual accuracy; if one or more of these types of comments are present, then it's a fair bet that the reader is at least genuine in their services.

Finally - and this is really important - don't be afraid to contact the reader, BEFORE purchasing your reading!  Ask them a question or two about how much detail you can expect in your reading, what type of spread they will be using for you, and how much follow-up they are prepared to offer you AFTER your reading, in case you have any questions.

Please do remember that this reading is about you, your life, and the situations which are of concern and importance to you - choose your Tarot reader carefully and then STICK WITH THEM;  once you've found a Tarot Reader who you connect well with, don't be tempted to try out others, 'just in case they might be better' - you'll end up back at square-one again, not knowing who to choose!

I truly hope that these basic pointers have been of some use to you, in choosing a Tarot Reader; it's something of a minefield but, with a little common sense, and the pointers above, I really wish you all the best in finding a Reader who's right for YOU!


Love & Blessings,


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