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I am sure that eBayers looking to purchase a CD/DVD-based workshop manual for their bike or car will be interested to hear of my experiences.

In good faith I ordered what I thought would be a CD manual for my Kawasaki ZZR1100; the cost was a mere £2.99.  When nothing arrived I asked the seller, 'skyjetsb', what was happening and where was my manual.  He replied, saying that he had sent it.  I had no choice then but to issue negative feedback when, a month later, I finally lost patience with this seller.  I then discovered that he does not send out the manuals at all.  Apparently, you get an email (without a request for a receipt) containing instructions of how to download the manual from a website.  I received nothing.  However, the scam is that the download is only available for 24 hours following the sending of the email!  So, if you do not get the email you do not get the product; and he does not respond to complaints.  The point of all this is that despite the seller's mainly good feedback (there are a number of negatives), there are issues here and there in his or her feedback history that lend credence to my concerns regarding this seller's marketing technique.  Worst of all, skyjetsb then decided to respond to my negative feedback with an outright lie despite the fact that I had my eBay receipt proving I had paid the seller.  So, I then lost my 100% feedback!  Yet, I had done nothing wrong!  The eBay feedback system does not recognise a liar and, when a seller responds to negative feedback with lies, and then issues you with negative feedback too, as a warped kind of 'quid pro quo', the bad guy then manages to get the last word.  If, like me, your complaint falls outside of the time frame to exact a complaint via the eBay complaints system, you end up with a an unfair stain on your feedback record.  Of course, the facts speak for themselves and a prospective buyer/seller is perfectly able to check out your buying and selling feedback record to compare with outside of the bad transaction. 

Skyjetsb, sells lots of manuals but they are only in virtual format.  He has virtually no overheads, and there are no postal charges.  The very least he could have done for me was to have answered me decently instead of ignoring my requests for the product. He then could have provided a remedy and I would have been reasonably happy; but no! Skyjetsb then decided to libel me! He proceeded to claim that eBay had given me a 'strike' and that I was 'suspended' and that I was a 'looser' (he cannot spell!).  All these comments are outright lies!

To summarise, I do not see why eBay could not have investigated the relative merits of my complaint about my unfairly loosing my 100% feedback, when my record stands as evidence and testament to the fact that I carried out my side of the transaction impeccably.  Seems to be  a 'grey area'!  So just consider carefully if you are considering buying from skyjetsb.

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