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Muscletech and inner Seal

Most of the supplements products are pretty well protected. If there is no outside seal and inner protection seal you can suspect that something is wrong especially when you purchased this item from a individual seller not a business seller. 
However some brands including those well known like Muscletech does not have inner protection seal! Their outside plastic seal is very easy to be removed and most of the time come powder dust from the tube comes outside especially when the tub was slightly dented during transportation. We had easily 100 concerns that the product was tempered and each time we had to explain the same and the same. Sorry guys but we are only a re-seller, not manufacturer. I am afraid that once you will remove the outside plastic seal the whole product can not be returned.
Those products which have not inner seal includes: Cell Tech, Nitro Tech, Halo, Nano Vapor. Muscletech Premium Gainer and Premium 100% whey very often comes with the whole pouch covered in dust - this is because Muscletech did not clean in in the first place from the Dust powder. We do try to clean each product before postage however sometimes we might miss one.
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