Open Reel Recording Tape

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Hopefully this short article will help some eBayers whom are unsure about what type of tape to use on their recorders.

If you have a tape recorder that has' pressure pads' which press onto the record.and or playback head,you should only use glossy backed recording tape,otherwise if you use a 'back coated 'type of tape- a build up from it will contaminate and eventually clog the pressure pads, which will then need to be replaced.

If you have a tape recorder that doesn't use pressure pads against the record.and or playback  heads,then you should ideally use a back coated tape,although you can use glossy as well.

Types of tapes and reasons for using :

Glossy Tape (non backcoated): Used on all domestic recorders since the year dot!,comes in standard play ,long play,double play,triple play. Advice : try and use standard play tape if you can (although if you have a four track recorder-then LP tape may be better).Main  reason for Standard Play: less likely to deteriorate with time,less print through,less prone to damage,and will spool better.

Matt Backed Tape (backcoated): Normally used on professional recorders-that don't use pressure pads,but rely on tape to head contact/back tension etc.Normally supplied in standard play length.Most backcoated tapes will spool smoothly (although brand types such as Ampex and Scotch won't- and will 'leaf' badly)

Tape Durations (Recording on one side of the tape only)

a 10.5 inch Reel of Standard Play tape Running at 15ips will last for 32 mins  (2'400 ft on reel)

a 7" reel of Standard Play tape running at 7.5 ips will last for 32 mins (1200 ft on reel)

 a 7" reel of Long Play play tape running at 7.5 ips will last for 45 mins (1800 ft on reel)

Above is only a rough guide - there are other reel sizes,and also other thicknesses of tape as mentioned,however you can get an idea of running times from above.


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