OpenPeak (formerly 02) Joggler. 7 Tablet.

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What is the OpenPeak 02 Joggler?

Well, it's a 7" tablet, but with a difference. Unlike the cheapo 7" Android tablets, this one doesn't have a battery, just mains powered (or mobile if you have the right 5v adapter) and it is of remarkably good quality, the screen is fantasticly clear and with lovely bright and vivid colours, it's also a capacitance touchscreen like the iPads, not resistive cheapy like the androids.

 So, what's it for and what can you do with it?

Well, it was originally commissioned by 02 in the UK to organise and connect a stereotypical 1950's family. Mum had one in the kitchen to listen to Radio2 and scroll through recipes to make the family meal, Dad had one in the garage to watch the DIY channel and catalogue his power tools, the kids had one in their room to view photos and listen to heavy rock, and they were all networked by the original selling point, 02's calendar. This calendar was basically an online family wallchart, everyone put their appointments on it and it could send messages to each others GSM phone to remind them.
  But 02 failed to foresee that social network sites accessible via a multitude of platforms would be the family network of choice, so the Joggler died a death, the original price of £150 soon came down to £100, and then down to £50 to clear them out.

  As of May 2012, 02 have washed their hands of the Joggler, a new download has been sent to all connected devices and all the 02 stuff has gone and been replaced by the manufacturers (OpenPeak) minimal OS. This consists of a few fairly useless apps, Youtube being the highlight!!! And some truly awful flash games, but no web browser, no internet radio or TV.

  So it's useless?

Not quite, unlike the android cheapies, these can load other operating systems from a USB stick. Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR), JoliOS, Xubuntu are the favourites, but it's possible to run Windows XP and Android perfectly well too if that's your thing. So you end up with a high quality 7" touchscreen tablet with a very modern and usable operating system.

What OS do I run? None of the above. Because the Joggler is of such high component and build quality, a group of clever computer nerds have got together to find new ways to use the device, and as well as the new OS's that are usable via external USB stick, they have also improved the inbuilt OpenPeak OS, so it now has a web browser, BBC i-player, internet radio and a load of other stuff, it's excellent.


 They are a great little gadget for next to the bed or in the kitchen, the manufacturers OS is useless, they can easily run your favourite Linux/Windows/Android OS or you can update to the new, unofficial internal OS. If you can pick one up for around £50 or less then they are great fun for gadgetman, and very usable as a media centre for the kitchen/bedroom/garage.

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