Order beads using a ruler!

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There are so many fabulous beads to choose from on EBay, from just 99p wonderful colours and shapes in glass, wood, metal and many other mediums, and depending on the quality of the photography, you could end up really happy, or really disappointed.

As I made many mistakes when I started beading and can speak from both sides now (both as a customer and a seller), I thought I would put together some handy hints and tips.

1.  Never order beads without a ruler next to you, you may think you are getting the bargain of a lifetime, with loads of lovely shiny colourful beads, and then they arrive....4mm is really small!
For example here are some 4mm spacers and you would probably get between 60 - 100 for 99p

Exciting picture, all the detail is visible and they seem like the bargain of the century, here they are again with a size guide

I think you will see what I mean.

So before beads sizes become second nature to you ALWAYS order with a ruler by your side.

2.  Read the whole description before ordering plus the "boring" postage stuff, this can also help save you money.  I and many other sellers will always refund any excess postage you have paid, many will not.  To ensure that you are never overcharged, always ask for an invoice if you have ordered more than 1 item.

3. Check if you are covered for breakages, glass does break, and if you have ordered beads costing 10p each and more, they should all be usable.  I will always include a few extra grams in case of breakages and so do other sellers.  If you have ordered a mix of beads and several of them are broken, then weigh the beads you have left, if you are under your agreed weight e.g. 50g it is worth mentioning this to the seller, but please do this before leaving feedback, give your seller time to put things right.

4. The actual colour of the beads when you receive them may vary from the photo by just a bit, or a whole lot.  There are a few colours that are really tricky to photograph, purple, pink and red in particular.  So if you are unhappy with the colour you actually receive, tell your seller, most of us have a refund policy if you are not happy.  And I would certainly welcome feedback that my picture was misleading.

5. Feedback.....this is a tricky issue as many of you don't see the point.  It makes a huge difference to us as sellers, if your feedback proves that we are doing a good job, we accumulate discounts on our EBay fees, this in turn means we can reduce the costs to you.  To list a 99p items we pay 20p just to list it, then 10p when the item actually sells, then there are paypal fees, so as you can see literally every penny counts.

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