Ornate Ring

Like if this guide is helpful
I first listed an item of jewellery it was removed stating that it was a weapon, a knife  or a gun.

It is not any of those so I relisted the item


 That Hunting Knives and Antique Knives are permitted, are these not classed as weapons.
Knitting needles are listed and cast iron pans, are these not weapons in the wrong hands.

It gets removed again.

I check to find Dan, jewellrey store selling the same item that I am trying to sell.

So I write asking why it has been removed.?



Thank you for writing to eBay.

We don't allow finger armours to be sold on eBay. Please understand that
our policies on prohibited items are concerned with the actual items
themselves, not on how they are listed. Thus, as long as the actual item
is in violation, it cannot be listed regardless of how it is advertised
or worded.

Whenever a listing is removed by eBay, the listing fees are
automatically credited.

You can verify the credits through your My eBay account:
- click on the "Seller Account" link
- click on "account activity" link under the Balance heading
- specify the date range to display

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply to
this email and let us know.

Kind regards,

Garth Butcher
eBay Trust & Safety

Dan's Jewellery Store is still selling his Armour Rings and all the KNIVES are still being sold on ebay, which as it states these are hunting knives, or antique knives with really sharp blades, so I suppose that it depends on who you are hunting.

So does this mean that these knives do not come under weapons.

Well I wish that my ornate ring was as sharp as these, I would keep it and use it to help me prepare my veg.
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