Orthodontic Pliers for Orthodontists and Dental Professionals

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Your day in a dental surgery can be non stop as an Orthodontist wherein you face a steady flow of patients, an overwhelming schedule, plus the desire to create beautiful, functional smiles for each and every patient. Moreover, customer satisfaction, convenience and comfort is highly sought after, The fact being, It is observed that every other dentist will look for instruments those can perform precision to keep their customers relaxed while a procedure can be conducted successfully.

This is where we jump in and are here to help. With dental instruments like Precision Crafted Wire Cutter with Tungsten Carbide inserts and Bird Break Pliers with Cutter collection, the below range of Orthodontic Pliers puts power and precision into a Dentist's hand to help him perform at his best. 

These are all engineered to provide unrivalled clinical outcomes, their ergonomic designs ensure the comfort and confidence of both you and your patients and in return, this gives a relaxed, calm environment that satisfies patients and practitioners alike.

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Product description.

Adam Pliers are ideal for orthodontic appliance construction and adjustment.
Their excellent precise right angle bends and appliance adaptation. Wires up to .040" (1.01 mm).
This product is made of high quality German Stainless Steel and is furnished to aesthetic and corrosion resistance.

Three Jaw Benging Pliers

Product description.

These pliers are called Three Jaw Pliers and are designed to have precision aligned tips for consistent bends, tapered for fine wire bending.

Tips are rounded for ease of contouring light wires up to .030" (.76 mm).


Product description.

The Weingart plier is considered to be one of the most popular utility plier. It's serrated tips hold wire firmly at a convenient working angle. Tapered tips fit easily between brackets. Rounded for patient comfort.

In short, they are versatile utility pliers with serrations and their angular design is convenient for placement and removal of archwires.

Product description.

Arch Forming Pliers are designed to create double back and triple back bends in .030" (.76 mm) and .036" (.91 mm) lingual arch wires, up to .036" (.91 mm).


Product description.

These pliers are called Bracket Removing Pliers and are specifically made to work well for steel, ceramic and plastic brackets of all types.

The narrow sharp tips as seen in the picture on the left, wedge between the edges of the bracket base & tooth surface to remove direct bond brackets safely & comfortably.

Product description.

This amazing instrument is called Distal End Cutter and is massively famous in Orthodontists.

It is an exceptional universal cutter for all types of wires up to a maximum of .021" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm).

Moreover, it cuts securely and holds distal ends of archwires. T.C. tips provide long lasting performance ensuring a satisfied procedure being conducted.

Maximum cutting capacity: .021" x .025"
Minimum cutting capacity: .014"

Also available is the Long Handled Distal End Cutter with T.C. tips.

Product description.

These are known as Straight Hard Wire Cutter and is also one of the famous tool in Orthodontists.

They are designed to cut hard wires up to .022" x .028" (.56 mm x .71 mm).

The cutter easily cuts any size archwire or pin. The T.C. inserts ensure precision cutting and perfect tip alignment.

Product description.

These cutters are designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .015"(.38 mm).

Product description.

These are very popular and versatile utility pliers with serrations. Tapered angular design is convenient for placement and removal of archwires.

Their carefully tapered beaks will fit easily between brackets and are rounded for safety and comfort.  Moreover, T.C. inserted tips providing maximum wire control and prevent the wire from slipping.

Holds round, square and rectangular wires up to:  .022 x .028” (.56 x .71mm)

Product description.

These pliers are used for precise forming of loops in four lengths – 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm. Groove at base aids in closing loops.

Straight How Pliers

Product Description

This is called Straight How Pliers and is a general utility plier with Tungsten Carbide Inserts and serrated Tips.

It is designed with a rounded tip for maximum patient comfort. Useful for Placement and removal of Archwires, Pins and other auxiliaries.

Young Loope Forming Pliers

These pliers provide optimum accuracy and precision in forming and closing loops with one cylindrical three-step beak and one triangular beak, on wires up to .022" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm )

Tweed Loop Forming Pliers

Loop forming pliers with .045", .060", and .075" (1.14 mm, 1.52 mm, and 1.91 mm) diameters for creating bull and helical loops on wires up to .022" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm).

Crown and Band Contouring Pliers

These are designed for fitting of stainless steel crowns.

Direct Bond Bracket Hold Tweezers

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