Other Ebayers be decent Please!!

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Experiance as a seller can be exciting and sometimes quite a chore, i have many friends on ebay who are great sellers maintaining 100% feedback and who have reached power seller status which is down to their individual hard work.


Other ebayers decide they don't like the fact people are making a go of individual personal businesses.  One friend in particular has recently been targeted by such members, in fact a group of them who have ganged up on her spammed her email account and threated all sorts of behaviour because of her success.  My friends business is nothing to do with any of these members and it affects none of them personally yet they continue harrass with no sign of stopping.

Why? what is the point....jealousy maybe. Or are they members of an outside group  who have nothing better to do than poke their nose into other peoples business.

I am fed up with ebayers who think they can just come on ebay purchase items then take the mickey just to leave negative feedback. 5 members of this group purchased items of my friend and all left neg feedback just for the sake of ruining what she has worked hard to build up from scratch and ebay does nothing but allow it to happen.

Sellers: Beware of ebayers who send unlimited emails complaining about subjects that don't concern them or they know little about.  Unles you do what they say your reputation as a seller is in jeopardy, as sellers we need to let ebay know this is unfair.

Buyers: Don't destroy someones hard work just for the sake of a laugh or personal vendetta, there are some individuals sellers on ebay who need the money they earn, they depend on it to pay their bills.  Think about the consequences of your actions, and if you would like the favour returned. 



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